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The Tale of Two Women

Although we may face traumatic events in our lives- they do not have to define us.

When Tragedy Strikes

There is a story about two women; one named Ruth and the other Naomi. Naomi had lost her husband and two sons, one of which Ruth was the widow of. Eventually Naomi decided to to return to her hometown with Ruth following. When Naomi arrived home and family and friends greeted her, she told them “Don’t call me Naomi(meaning pleasant) call me Mara(meaning bitter). This story goes on to develop into redemption for Ruth through the guidance of Naomi. Ruth remarries and Naomi finds happiness again.

“Your situation doesn’t define you.”

So what's the lesson that we can take away from this story?

Trials come and go, life is filled with mistakes, disappointments and betrayal. However, how you define yourself through these experiences is important. Naomi chose to be bitter. She determined that her situation defined her worth (or lack of). Yet it was through Naomi’s wisdom and guidance that both women were able to recover from such devastating circumstances. Naomi was hurting, she felt lost and angry. She chose to change her identity to stay in that space. That became who she was. Ruth remained hopeful and supportive. Ruth understood that there was hope. She listened, worked, and continued to believe until things turned around for her.

Your situation doesn’t define you.

There is always the possibility to change and recover. What will you choose to do? Will you decide that this defeat is who you are? That depression is YOU and not something you can manage. Or, will you continue to challenge the negative self talk, focus on the positives and continue to learn and grow?

I have confidence that you will make the right choice. Have a wonderful day!


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